DNA Studios Reviews


 When I first walked into DNA Studios in Youngstown, I was in complete awe of the artwork and the wonderful people who work there. Josh and Mark Fellows, along with Emily Exists and Roy Schmidt, are an absolute pleasure to be around and they definitely know what they are doing. Not only do they care about the quality of the tattoo or piercing someone is getting, they genuinely care about the work you decide to get done and make suggestions and or recommendations for you. I highly recommend DNA Studios. It’s totally worth the visit.

Marah J. Morrison

Arts and Entertainment Editor




I’m deathly afraid of needles, but the employees at DNA Studios were so welcoming and calmed my nerves. I went out of my comfort zone and got a conch piercing. Josh Fellows was extremely gentle and told me everything he was doing. The piercing didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and it is healing nicely. Josh made helpful recommendations and Roy Schmidt is always there to make you laugh. I will definitely be back soon for another piercing.

Morgan Petronelli

Web Manager






I wanted to get my helix pierced, but when I went down to DNA Studios they suggested a conch piercing because the helix might have been harder to heal. I took them up on the suggested change and I love it. They were kind, funny and made the process a breeze. Unlike the place where I got my last ear piercings, they genuinely care about their customers, and it’s not just about the money. They really seem to love what they do, and I would definitely get another piercing there.

Laura McDonough







I have wanted to get my nose pierced for a while now — but did not have the guts to do it. When I stepped foot into DNA Studios, I knew it was the shop I wanted to get it done at. Not only is the studio aesthetically pleasing because of the artwork displayed on the walls, but it has a welcoming atmosphere. Josh Fellows pierced my nose and made the experience fun. I know that if I plan to get another piercing or possibly a tattoo, I will look no further than DNA.

Rachel Gobep

News Editor





I have wanted a nose piercing for a few years but have always had other financial responsibilities to take care of. After my coworkers recommended DNA Studios — pointing out how close it was to campus and how cool the shop looked — I decided to finally treat myself and get it done. I was not disappointed. After my fun (and painless) experience, I will be going back for my next piercing and maybe even a tattoo. Even if you just want to take a look at the artwork and meet some fun people, it’s worth the trip. I would definitely recommend DNA Studios to those looking for a piercing or tattoo.

Samantha Welch

Head Copy Editor