The Dana Chorale

The Dana School of Music announces an upcoming concert featuring the Dana Chorale, directed by Hae-Jong Lee. On Friday at 7:30 p.m. the Dana Chorale will perform their spring Choral Concert, “Musical Journey from America to Korea” at St. Columba Cathedral, 159 W. Rayen Ave.

The Dana Chorale department will be traveling to South Korea May 8-9 where they will perform three concerts with other university choirs in South Korea. The idea to take the trip was brought about when the choir sang at a benefit concert in Chicago. This is the first time a music ensemble from YSU is traveling to Asia. A&E Dana chorale courtesy of Dana Chorale Department

The members of the Dana Chorale separated into sections are:

Soprano: Amanda Bertilacci, Kristina Clemons, Sara Eckenrode, Katy Howells, Olivia Kochunas, Francesca Molinaro and Kortney Squibbs.

Alto: Christina Aviles, Kathleen Brown, Rebecca Enlow, Jordan Hazy, Amanda Nottingham, Christina Russo and Erika Walker.

Tenor: Victor Cardamone, Dante Colella, Sam Gregory, Emilio Santiago and Stephen West.

Bass: Nicholas Hazelton, Andrew Gurdak, Anthony Humphrey, Jared Liscinsky, David Mouse and Jason Volovar.