Culturehouse Coffee Company on the Rise

By Courtney Hibler

Youngstown welcomed a new coffee shop only a few minutes away from Youngstown State University.

Located at 818 Elm St., between Wick Park and Cafaro House, customers can find Culturehouse Coffee Company open Monday through Saturday during the hours of 7 a.m. through 4 p.m.

Photo by J. Harvard Feldhouse/The Jambar

Husband and wife Stephen and Mary Protheroe own the coffeehouse and have been in the business for 10 years. When the couple got married five years ago, they set a goal of opening a coffeehouse in their hometown.

“We love Youngstown and coffee,” Stephen Protheroe said. “We not only wanted a space to be creative, but also provide a space for the people of Youngstown to come and hang out.”

Mary Protheroe said she has heard many positive reviews come from the customers they serve.

“People say things like ‘our place is a breath of fresh air’ or ‘it feels peaceful,’” she said. “Our shop is embodying exactly why we opened it.”

Stephen Protheroe said the coffeehouse’s name came from giving others a place for creativity.

“We decided we can complain about our city or we can be the change,” he said. “That’s how Culturehouse was created.”

Culturehouse Coffee Company is equipped with an espresso bar and serves house coffee, as well as baked goods like muffins and scones.

Stephen Protheroe said an extension of the menu will be added soon to attract more customers and to give them a variety of options.

Concetta Seidler, a junior early childhood education major, looks forward to visiting Culture House Coffee Company in the future.

“I love the atmosphere of coffeehouses,” she said. “They’re great places to study, and I enjoy seeing local business open on or near campus.”

Photo by J. Harvard Feldhouse/The Jambar

Seidler said it would be nice if Culturehouse Coffee Company would offer student discounts and advertise their business on social media to attract more customers.

“I usually spend my time in the recreation center or the education building,” she said. “I can see students changing up their usual hang-out spot if they know of new places to go such as Culturehouse.”

Olivia Bindas, a junior mathematics major, said she is excited to see what comes of the new business.

Photo by J. Harvard Feldhouse/The Jambar

“It’s always fun to get new and unique places in the area, especially for me because I like a calm and relaxing atmosphere to spend my time between classes,” she said.

In her opinion, Culturehouse Coffee Company will draw a crowd because often people get tired of going to the same places during their break or for lunch.

“It’s having the novelty of somewhere new to go,” she said. “You can’t go wrong with a coffeehouse.”

Stephen Protheroe said he and his wife would like to expand their business in some way to serve a greater purpose to the Youngstown area.

“For now, we are just happy to be serving the student body and the surrounding neighborhood on the north side,” he said.