Crushes, confessions and cowards

The anonymity of the Internet is turning our generation into cowards. Social skills experience attrition with every new gadget or technology. Now, we’re bombarded with ads for eHarmony and Christian Mingle. Hell, even rednecks have their own site. Have you checked out Farmers Only yet?

Society’s inability to express feelings for someone else has now corrupted Twitter.

Admittedly, we too are caught up in the YSU Crushes and YSU Confessions craze along with everyone else on campus.

But as we watch, we grow more disgusted every day.

The increasingly vile posts that pop up on those Twitter pages are fueled by a lack of accountability.

If you have feelings for someone, just tell them. While the secret admirer factor is darling, we’re all adults here. We’ve all left high school behind.

However, the accounts have been used to denigrate others. Only enormous cowards anonymously post defamatory or intentionally vilifying comments about someone else. Garbage like this is borderline bullying. Does it make you feel big and tough to anonymously post hurtful and degrading messages? Because it just makes you look insecure.

If you really believe those things, then get a spine and exercise your rights in the open.