Crosswalk Issues Cause Potential Danger

Jambar Contributor

By Courtney Hibler

Being in the middle of a city means the students and faculty of Youngstown State University must cross dangerous intersections with few or no traffic lights.

The Williamson College of Business Administration, on the corner of W. Rayen Ave. and N. Hazel St., is one of the few areas with white crosswalk lines but no traffic light or stop sign to stop traffic.

The only noticeable lights are two yellow caution hazards that blink toward the oncoming cars and a caution sign.

YSU Disability Services is located across from Williamson and constantly has students coming and going.

A new location has been confirmed for Disability Services and students will not have to worry about the danger of crossing the street.

“Although the date has not been confirmed, we are happy to report that Disability Services will be moving to Kilcawley Center,” Gina McGranahan, assistant director of Disability Services, said.

This intersection becomes extremely busy throughout the school day and causes anxiety among the students who need to get to class on time.

“I feel as though not enough cars respect the crosswalks,” YSU student Emily Lampe said. “Many of them go through at high speeds without a second thought.”

The hazard of absent but necessary traffic lights and crossing signals not only causes danger to pedestrians, but also to drivers as well. It is easy for a pedestrian to not notice a car coming, but even easier for a distracted driver to not notice a pedestrian.

“A lot of people have their noses jammed into their phones and people tend to walk across the street without looking,” YSU business major Robert Hayes said. “I do believe stop signs should be added to that crosswalk.”

Mike Drummond, superintendent of the Signal and Sign Department of Traffic Engineering, is in charge of any traffic lights, city signs and pavement markings around the city of Youngstown and YSU’s campus.

“I work with Danny O’Connell and Vincent Sacco,” Drummond said. “They’ll give me a call and let me know what they need.”

As for adding more crosswalks and lights around campus, Drummond said there is something in the works of adding more signals near W. Rayen Ave., but did not mention anything about a closure.

“It’s all about student and pedestrian safety,” Drummond said.

With other crossings around campus, many mixed opinions have been heard about the amount of time pedestrians have to cross the street quickly and safely.

“The crossing lights on Fifth Ave. only let you get about halfway across before changing again,” YSU student Megan Feldhouse said.

Along with Fifth Ave., Lincoln Ave. is another roadway with no crossing signals — between Cushwa Hall and Beeghly Hall, there is only a brick walkway with no stop signs nearby.

“The best method for crossing is to hurry up and run across before someone hits you,” Lampe said.

All pedestrians crossing the busy streets are advised to keep a lookout for traffic in any direction whether there is a light or not.