Crime on campus

By Shianna Gibbons

Emilio Santiago, 25, was arrested Dec. 16 at Youngstown State University for alleged criminal trespassing after claiming he was registered for spring 2023 classes.

YSU police chief Shawn Varso said there is usually a warning before someone is arrested for criminal trespassing.

“If you have no privilege to be on campus — there are public areas on campus — however, the classrooms [and] academic buildings that you don’t really have a privilege to be in unless you are a student or have some business to be there,” Varso said. “[What] we do … if there is an individual that we’ve identified, that may have had some criminal activity … we can issue what’s called a criminal trespass warning.”

Varso said individuals are told in person that they can not be on campus. If they’re found on campus without these privileges, they can be arrested for criminal trespassing. Santiago was issued a criminal trespassing warning Dec. 15 and was arrested the next day for violating that warning.

The incident report stated on Dec. 16, around 3 p.m., YSU police received a call from a female student stating, “[There was] a male is in her class that is not a student.” 

Officers were then dispatched to Bliss Hall to investigate.

According to the report, officers found Santiago on the third floor of Bliss Hall. Santiago told officers that he was registered for spring classes and thought he could come to classes early. Officers then informed Santiago since it was still the fall semester, he couldn’t be on campus.

The report stated that Santiago knew the female and that she had previously told him to stay away from her.

Varso said Santiago is awaiting trial and is currently going through the Student Code of Conduct.

“[Santiago] was taken into custody. He was transported to the Mahoning County jail for processing. He was released later that night on what is called a summons. [He] was given a notice to appear in court the following week,” Varso said. “He is still charged with criminal trespass. He just had his arraignment. So, he will be basically set for trial later on down the line.”

$110 MISSING: On Jan. 9, YSU police were called to Kilcawley Center around noon for a reported theft. A YSU staff office manager contacted the police after noticing a total of $110 missing from three cash drawers and the safe. The incident report stated the student manager counted the drawers and safe the night before, Jan. 8, and in the morning, three student staff workers reported that the drawers were short. 

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: YSU police were dispatched to the Enclave parking lot behind Chipotle to a fight in progress Jan. 11. The incident report listed several misdemeanor charges against multiple juveniles at the scene. Charges included disorderly conduct, unlawful restraint and resisting arrest. Arrests did occur at the M-40 lot, where property was damaged, according to police. 

INDUCING PANIC: An inducing panic report was filed Jan. 10 after fire alarms were triggered in Kilcawley Center. An individual pulled the alarms believing the lever to be a door release. No criminal charges were made.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS HARASSMENT: On Jan. 11, a YSU student went to the YSU police station to file a menacing report. The student instead filed a telecommunications harassment report against another student who continued to contact them through various social media platforms, despite stating to be left alone. Officers have offered escorting services for the individual.