Credit where credit is due

Since his mysterious death by suicide in 2019, Jeffrey Epstein has been a name synonymous with discomfort. This has only grown as court documents have revealed more details about Epstein’s life.

Alongside his crimes and victims, the public’s attention has been caught by Epstein’s association with prominent individuals, whether that be political, economic, cultural or intellectual.

Among those Epstein is believed to have been associated with include Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Stephen Hawking, actor Kevin Spacy, comedian Chris Tucker, linguist and political analyst Noam Chomsky, magician David Copperfield and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

These associations have caused the public to speculate whether some of the most prominent individuals in society were involved in any of Epstein’s horrible crimes.

With the case of Prince Andrew of the U.K., testimony has substantiated the claim that he was involved in sexual abuse. Others such as Trump, Clinton, Spacy and Jackson have sexual misconduct allegations unrelated to Epstein.

Of course, with information as incendiary as this revealed, incorrect allegations have also spread. 

Aaron Rogers, quarterback for the New York Jets, falsely accused late-night host Jimmy Kimmell of being on Epstein’s flight list in early January. Fake lists have also spread on social media too, implicating celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg and Barack Obama.

Public speculation is further fueled by the government’s handling of Epstein. Trump’s Labor Secretary, Jim Acousta, resigned amidst scandal in 2019 following the revelations of the plea deal he negotiated with Epstein.

Many have had a hard time coping with knowing their favorite celebrities and politicians were involved with such an insidious man. Others have used the Epstein case to justify any other conspiracy theories they previously believed. 

All of this misleading information and opportunism denies credit where credit is due: to the journalists who uncovered Epstein’s sex trafficking network.

The Miami Herald is not as prominent as the New York Times or the Washington Post, but it was the newspaper that led the charge of investigating Epstein. 

According to The Miami Herald’s website, reporter Julie Brown spent over a year tracking down more than 60 victims of Epstein and unraveled the extent of his evil crimes. Unlike Infowars host Alex Jones and various other grifters, she hasn’t capitalized off her hard work to make money, sell conspiracy theories or build a reputation or brand.

Brown and The Miami Herald deserve far more recognition for uncovering these injustices than they have received or may ever receive.