Creative writers beat budget cuts

In an attempt to balance the budget, Youngstown State University administrators have implemented campus-wide spending cuts. While YSU’s student-run literary magazine, “The Penguin Review,” fell victim to these cuts, English professors and students said the magazine will still be published.
Tom Pugh, editor of “The Penguin Review,” said he has high hopes for the future of the magazine.
“We had two choices: give up and let the magazine go or find some way to keep it going,” he said. “The staff came to a mutual decision to not give up.”
“The Penguin Review,” no longer supported by the YSU Department of English, will operate as a student group and will consider alternative funding initiatives. Activities in the works include a bake sale and an event partnering with Outback Steakhouse.
“The most important part is to not give up on ‘The Penguin Review’ because there’s a lot of history there and we think that the university needs as many literary outlets as possible,” Pugh said.
Pugh said the English department supports the staff’s decision to operate as a student group.
“It’s very important to note that although there were budget cuts everywhere we still very much have their support,” he said. “They know that we’re going to continue ‘The Penguin Review’ and are very excited.”
Philip Brady, a professor of English who has historically served as adviser for “The Penguin Review,” commented on the magazine’s rich history. He joked that he thought the first entry in his 23 years was Homer.
“It has been a first publication for many people who have gone on to become writers and others who value literature,” Brady said.
Pugh said that Julia Gergits, English department chair and professor, and Shearle Furnish, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, have been particularly supportive.  Additionally, “The Penguin Review” will be under the faculty advisement of Dr. Tiffany Anderson, assistant professor of English.
“The best thing is that we are coming back,” Pugh said.