Concert jazzes up Chestnut

The Dana Concert Series presented the Youngstown State University Jazz Ensemble’s annual fall concert on Monday in the Chestnut Room of Kilcawley Center.

The concert was composed of six traditional and contemporary jazz pieces. It featured the premiere of “Suite for Large Ensemble and Voice” by Paul Louth, an assistant professor of music at YSU; student Katelyn DeLadurantey performed the vocals. The piece was multifaceted with five sections consisting of light rock, waltz, ballad, samba and reprise.

Also on display were two pieces created by Dave Morgan, an associate professor within the Dana School of Music, titled “Jungian Slip” and “Like Mike.” The former was created purposefully for the ensemble and was based off of the Swedish psychologist Carl Jung’s studies of dreams.

The ensemble played “Say It (Over and Over Again)” by Frank Loesser and Jimmy McHugh, “In a Mellow Tone” by Duke Ellington and “Boogie Stop Shuffle” by Charles Mingus, as well.

“These guys always play with a lot of energy, a lot of creativity. It is always really fun,” Morgan said.

Many of the ensemble’s 19 students were on display during the concert with a plethora of trumpet, saxophone, trombones, bass, drum, guitar and vocal solos throughout.

“I think we kind of elevated ourselves during our performance. I think whenever there is a performance, we kind of get into a zone,” said J.T. Goss, a junior music education major and trumpet player.

As a three-credit hour class, Jazz Ensemble 1 required the students — many of whom were required to take it for their major — to meet three times a week since the start of the semester in preparation for the concert.

“Jazz band has been a lot of fun this semester. You know, every time, it is a very relaxed environment,” said Lauren Eisenreich, a sophomore jazz studies major and trombone player. “It’s all about getting better together, and if you have a bad solo, it’s OK.”