Competing with YSU’s engineers

By Samantha Smith

Youngstown State University’s William Rayen School of Engineering will be hosting Engineers Week from Feb. 21-25 in honor of National Engineers Week.

Jason Hess, a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering, explained what Engineers Week is.

“Engineers Week is something we’re doing with the whole Rayen School of Engineering,” Hess said. “We’re basically holding an engineering Olympics where students can participate in social events, competitions and in industry forums to see who wins.”

Students will be split into divisions based on their major. The five divisions include chemical, civil, electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering.

Hess said this is the first time since 2015 that YSU has participated in National Engineers Week and the first time the university is making it a big event.

Madison Wigley, a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering, explained some of the competitions that will be held throughout the week.

“The first day is chemical day — we’re doing a duct tape wall,” Wigley said. “For Tuesday, we have our civil event, which is building a retaining wall. Wednesday is our electrical event. We’re going to have a drone obstacle [course], so you’ll have to control the drone to fly it through Hula-Hoops and have the penguin dropped in a bucket and it’s timed. Thursday is our industrial engineering day and we have our loadmaster simulation. On Friday, it’s our mechanical day and we’re going to have an airplane competition to see who can build the best airplane.”

During the competition, students who place first can earn 25 points toward their division for the Engineering Olympics. In addition to daily competitions, there will be social events for students. Hess explained more about those events.

“This is going to be held in the morning where students can come grab a doughnut and sign in and make sure they have their participation points,” Hess said. “On Tuesday, the order of the engineer organization is hosting a dinner in Williamson Hall with a guest speaker from the military. Wednesday is our industry forum in Kilcawley Center. Thursday, that’s the day of the STEM expo. And Friday, our last social event is the awards party from 4-5.”

The industry forum will be one of the biggest events to occur during Engineers Week, according to Hess. Students will be able to learn about internships and co-ops from practicing engineers. Each student at the event will be given 10 points toward their division for the Engineering Olympics, a T-shirt and a free lunch.

Hess explained individual prizes are only for competition days and are not individually cumulative. The first place prize for competitions is a Nike sweatshirt of the winner’s choosing from the YSU bookstore. All points though will go to their respective division throughout the week and the division who gets the most points will receive a trophy. 

For more information on Engineers Week and the William Rayen School of Engineering, visit its website.