Column: Win It for Youngstown

By Brian Yauger

After a grueling regular season and playoffs, the matchup is finally set for the 2020 Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers.

This column is to, for lack of a better word, endorse supporting the 49ers to win this year’s Super Bowl. 

Granted, there’s a ton of bias. I’m not even going to try to be objective here. I absolutely detest the Chiefs. I’ve hated them for years and anyone who knows me knows that. 

But that’s not why I’m writing this. If you want to hear me yell about the Chiefs, just ask me in person. 

Anyway … Many of my co-workers and I will be sitting down Feb. 2 to cheer on the 49ers to win their sixth Super Bowl title. 

The San Francisco 49ers have ties to Youngstown through the DeBartolo family, and they aren’t afraid of showing that off. Just go back a few months to when the 49ers stayed in Youngstown the week before their game in Cincinnati.

We don’t need to go over the story of the DeBartolos again, but here’s the CliffsNotes if you don’t know already. 

Edward DeBartolo Jr., a graduate of Cardinal Mooney High School, purchased the 49ers in 1977 while the team won five Super Bowls. 

In the late ‘90s, he ceded control to his sister Denise DeBartolo York, who still owns the team today. Remember the DeBartolo Corporation building on Market Street in Boardman? That’s the corporate headquarters. 

But the local tie is not the only reason to be supporting San Francisco.

Just last season, the 49ers went 4-12, which is an amazing turnaround. My conspiracy theory is that someone in the 49ers organization used the Golden State Warriors in a “Soul Stone” scenario, and that makes me laugh. 

Richard Sherman is awesome. I can’t say it enough how much I love this dude. His career was basically over after an Achilles tendon injury left him sidelined. Seattle decided to part ways after he was the face of its franchise for years. Sherman signed a deal with the 49ers as a chance for redemption and has made the most of it.

George Kittle is also great. Once we resume the Igloo Review, please, George, come on the podcast.

The 49ers have a female coach on the staff, which is remarkable to witness. Katie Sowers, an offensive assistant coach with the team, will become the first woman to coach in the Super Bowl. She’s worked her way up through the ranks and will hopefully inspire future generations of girls who want to pursue coaching one day.

Kyle Shanahan was the Browns’ offensive coordinator in 2014 until he stepped down after a disagreement of whether or not Johnny Manziel should be starting. For those curious, Shanahan was the one who got the last laugh in that situation.

I could keep going, but basically, go Niners. Do it for Youngstown. And please, bring the trophy on your next visit.