College Sports: Are They Important?

By Courtney Hibler

Jambar Contributor

While Youngstown State University offers many sports, including football, soccer and rugby, the community has differing opinions on the importance of college sports.

Students of all ages and genders join sports teams and bring the campus community together for a few hours of fun.

Stambaugh Stadium fills quickly with students, alumni and faculty at Saturday home football games.

“Going to different sports games in college is like a tradition,” YSU kinesiology student Rachel Crum said. “Most of my enjoyable and cherished memories arrive from college sports.”

Alexis McMahon, middle childhood education student at YSU, said it’s extremely important for colleges to have sports because it gives students a chance to get involved with activities outside the classroom.

“Sports give students a chance to cheer their classmates on,” McMahon said. “Students gain careers from sports and the way they unite the community is a humbling experience.”

Along with memories and career opportunities, sports can also bring better education.

Justin Faller, mechanical engineering student at YSU, said sports give students morale and encouragement to focus on doing well.

Many enjoy sports, but some others don’t enjoy them as much and see them as a problem.

Zach Moran, accounting student at YSU, said sports can take time away from students who want to do well in school and spend time with family.

“It can all be very overwhelming for students when they have part-time jobs and go to school,” Moran said. “I feel like most students would rather work and get money than play college sports.”

A significant amount of time, money and effort goes into sporting events.

YSU musical performance student, Francesca Clause, said sports aren’t educational and can be played in backyards.

“Too much goes into sports,” Clause said. “Sports do nothing to better educate society.”

Money for the arts and sciences are needed because it’s educational, Clause said.

Not only do students have opinions about sports, but YSU staff members do as well.

YSU janitorial staff member, Tawana Hymes, said it’s important to have sports because it helps boost confidence for students and holds pride for the campus community.