College: A Place to Openly Discuss Your Views?

Although your stomach may churn and your face may show disgust when the “snowflake” liberal or extremely conservative person in class expresses their views, try to listen to what is being said.

Yes, you may not agree with what the person believes, but you can learn from their differing opinions and viewpoints.

College is supposed to be a place for students to openly discuss their outlook of the world, but discussions in class sometimes seem polarized. If we do not express our First Amendment right to speech in a learning environment, how will that translate in the real world?

It is important to have healthy conversations about controversial topics, but if it is not happening in the classroom, where can it happen?

Today, most people follow social media accounts and news organizations that align with their agenda. This leads to a brainwashed view of the world, no matter what part of the political spectrum you are on.

If you do not agree with someone’s opinion, let them know, but do it kindly. Do not attack a person because he or she may never want to speak in class again.

Some students are truly afraid to discuss their opinions due to the use of social media, so remember to not alienate your classmates. They deserve to express themselves.