Colds, Flu, Strep Throat — Oh My!

By Sierra Kish

Jambar Contributor

Cold season and flu season for Youngstown State University has begun, and health experts on campus offered tips on how to stay healthy.

Ryan McNicholas, associate director of the Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center, said to take advantage of resources on campus. 

“Make sure to use the free services on campus, including the recreation and wellness center, the Mercy Health student primary care and counsel care,” McNicholas said.

The cold season can include the flu and strep throat, and Sarah Bable, office lead at Mercy Health Wick Primary Care, said having good sleep habits and getting a flu shot is important.

Mercy Health offers the flu shot and a flu kit to students. The kit includes antiseptic towelettes, tissues and a surgical mask to go over the mouth and nose.

McNicholas said YSU students may encounter stress while being on campus, which also can influence the body’s ability to fight illness. 

“Come to some of the Group X classes at the recreation and wellness center, including yoga or medical acceleration to help relieve stress, as well as talking to someone in student counseling for stress if needed,” McNicholas said. 

Amy Raabe, sports dietician and lecturer, said nutrition is as important as cleanliness.  

“It goes beyond washing your hands. Breakfast cannot be skipped even if it’s just a little granola bar. Always have something in your stomach as soon as you get up,” Raabe said.

Many YSU food services offer healthy and hearty breakfast options. These include Dunkin’, Pressed, Stone Fruit Coffee Company and the Maag Cafe. 

On-the-go breakfasts like granola bars also can be found in the vending machines around campus. Along with breakfast, YSU experts said fitness is important to staying healthy.

McNicholas said that eating healthy is another important tip. 

“To eat healthy on campus, to do things such as visiting the registered dietician here and talk to people about a healthy meal plan in the dieting department,” McNicholas said.

While there aren’t many grocery store options close to campus to assist students with healthy food options, Raabe offered some convenient alternatives to get healthy foods. 

“Giant Eagle will deliver groceries here on campus. There is a food pantry in Kilcawley to help with tight budgets of YSU students,” Raabe said.  

The YSU Student Government Association food pantry is located on the first floor of Kilcawley Center.

Bable also had advice of her own, stressing the importance of avoiding being around sick people.

“Don’t drink or eat after somebody and make sure to have good sleeping habits,” she said. 

The rec center is located on the second floor of Kilcawley Center, and Wick Primary Care is located on the corner of Wick and Lincoln avenues. 

Visit SGA’s website to view food pantry hours.