Children of Youngstown! Ghost to visit Covelli Centre

By Jessica Stamp

Swedish rock band Ghost is set to perform its new album, “Impera” at 7 p.m. on Sept. 20 with guests Mastodon and Spiritbox at the Covelli Centre.

Some Youngstown State University students heard about the rock band through a friend and on the social media app TikTok where its song, “Mary on a Cross,” grew in popularity. 

“I had a friend who listened to them but mostly what made me start listening to them was I heard one of their songs on TikTok a long time ago and I really liked it,” Paula Jeffery, a freshman education major, said. 

Jeffery is going to the concert and said she looks forward to seeing a popular band in the Youngstown area. 

Hope Hefright, a junior graphic design major, is excited to attend the concert with her friend, who introduced her to Ghost, where they hope to dress up like the lead singer’s satanic priest-like style.

“We’re gonna sort of dress up and that’s the biggest draw for me to the band is how they present themselves on stage,” Hefright said. “The lead singer has [this] like satanic, black-and-white makeup and like the priest costume … most excited for their stage presence,” 

The band has a large stage presence with its lead singer Papa Emeritus and the seven other members, called Nameless Ghouls.

Nick Galbreath, a junior psychology major, came across the band from the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. Galbreath is eager to see Ghost in concert, where it supposedly throws items like guitar picks into the audience.

“I’m very excited. I heard the concerts are really cool and there’s like certain rituals for the band and like certain things [the audience] do to make the show like more special,” Galbreath said. “I hear they throw a lot of guitar picks so I’m hoping to catch one.” 

The top three songs Galbreath recommends listening to are “Call Me Little Sunshine,” “Ritual,” and “Spillways.” 

Tickets are on sale now ranging from $60 to $100 and can be purchased on or in person at Southwoods Health Box Office from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.