Cheers to OkSOBERfest


Breanne Romeo and Holly Mate sit inside Kilcawley Center to educate students about responsible drinking and sobriety. Photo by Taylor Phillips/The Jambar.

Students can drink a frosty glass of knowledge this week as Youngstown State University presents OkSOBERfest, which consists of five days of activities concerning responsible drinking.

Breanne Romeo, a residential education graduate assistant who organized the event, said it’s important to promote responsible decision-making on college campuses.

“Our goal is not to tell people to drink, but if you are 21 or older and are choosing to drink, make responsible decisions when doing so,” Romeo said.

Romeo said the OkSOBERfest activities provide tips, statistics and demonstrations to educate the campus community.

Campus committees, Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center staff, resident assistants and student leaders have been planning OkSOBERfest since the beginning of September.

Among the attractions are disc jockeys JDub from Hot 101 and Christian from Rock 104 who will drink alcohol while broadcasting live from the campus core. YSU police officers will give the DJs sobriety tests to demonstrate how alcohol affects the body.

Students will also be treated to a free comedy show with Jesse Joyce, who has been featured on Comedy Central; a fashion show; and a pair of beer goggles that simulate the effects of being drunk.

Alexis Hall, a co-coordinator for OkSOBERfest, said some of the presenters will give testimonials on their experiences with alcohol. Hall said she hopes students will choose not to abuse alcohol.

“It is important for students to learn and understand about alcohol consumption and its health risks for many reasons,” Hall said. “If students know the facts and health risks, they can prevent accidents, health risks and the later alcoholism in life.”

Romeo said she’d like to help educate as many students as possible.

“Last year, we reached out to over 800 students. We hope to exceed that number this year,” Romeo said. Dave Macek, a brother of Alpha Phi Delta, said students should promote safe drinking habits.

“Most of us drink; let’s be honest,” Macek said. “But we need to be responsible. Just don’t drink and drive, and don’t end up in the hospital.”

Macek said he wishes more students would partake in OkSOBERfest.

“It’d be awesome if people would actually go to all the stuff,” Macek said. “Some of the stuff they have planned seems pretty funny.”