Checking out

By Alison Butz / The Jambar

Oftentimes, I am sitting in front of my laptop trying to write a paper, and I find myself stuck. With it being so close to the end of the semester, the issue is very prominent now. It’s the point in time where pretty much everyone is checking out for break. It’s so close, yet so far.

Each semester brings different levels of how motivated I am for finishing strong, and this spring definitely feels worse than it ever has been. It could be because of personal reasons or the workload I got myself into this year.

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed every second of this semester because I tried so many new things and made new friends, although I lost some great ones as well. However, there is something so satisfying about classes winding down and not having so many assignments due in rapid progression.

For example, in one of my classes this semester, we have been writing short essays about a documentary series we’re watching, and the last one is due this Sunday. I have fully enjoyed watching it. There is something so satisfying about finishing something and not having to worry about it anymore.

The same can’t be said about finishing a really good book or movie in your free time — that always makes me sad for some reason.

I guess it makes sense that I’m checking out this early in the semester because I am closing in on graduating, which really scares me.

It also just feels rather weird for me because this is the first semester that I didn’t have to take web-based classes. There are some days that I don’t have to log into Blackboard at all, and it just feels like I am neglecting classwork.

At the end of the day, I have learned so much about myself this semester, and I am so proud of the person I have become. Not meaning to get sentimental, I am glad I tried my hand at writing columns for The Jambar, and it was for sure an experience.

Learning a new style of writing and being able to write about whatever I want has served as a form of ranting about my midnight thoughts. It provided me with an outlet so that I didn’t need to bother my roommates.

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