Chavez Honored with Blood Drive


By Jeff Bash


Youngstown State University’s Latino Student Organization held their third annual Cesar Chavez Blood Drive. The drive celebrates the life of Caesar Chavez while collecting blood for emergency use.


Freshman Adiel Martinez registered students for the blood drive. It was Martinez’s first time volunteering to work the event.


All of the donated blood will stay in northeastern Ohio.


Many organizations were involved in the event, including the YSU University Diversity Council and Rookery Radio.


Bruno Serrano, a member of the Latino student organization and Rookery Radio host, had already made plans to donate days before the event.


“Youngstown is coming back strong and with events like this. We can collaborate with the community,” Serrano said.


Grimilda Ocasio, the YSU Latino student organization adviser, spoke of her gratitude for the community’s support and the support of the volunteers at the blood drive.


Anna Torres, the YSU Latino student organization’s co-adviser, stressed the importance of the event not only for the community but for the students as well.


“This event is important because the students in the organization learn leadership skills and build relationships along the way with the community,” Torres said.


Gregory Farah, a freshman and volunteer, expressed his gratitude for having the opportunity to help.


“Giving blood is important and necessary no matter the cause. I showed up to help, and I am going to give blood as well,” Farah said.


Ruba Alhamid, president of the YSU Latino student organization, expressed excitement to be working the event honoring Chavez.


“Cesar Chavez is a legend. This is a great event for Youngstown because everyone comes together as a whole to save the lives of others,” Alhamid said. “It fills me with pride to be able to coordinate beyond campus to help save lives.”


Cesar Chavez was a renowned civil rights organizer and a labor leader who created the United Farm Workers Organization. Chavez passed away in 1993, but his legacy continues with March 31 being National Cesar Chavez day. Students from across YSU don’t just show up to the drive to give blood but to collaborate with the community and spread Chavez’s message of social progress.