Car Fire Closes Wick Avenue Parking Deck

Photo by Marah J. Morrison/The Jambar

By Marah J. Morrison

UPDATE: The M30 parking deck is now open.

A vehicle caught fire in the M30 parking deck on Wick Avenue at around 9 a.m., according to a YSU Penguin Alert. The deck is closed until smoke clears.

Youngstown Fire Department Captain Wilbert Mullins said the fire took place on level three of the parking deck, and a student’s parked car caught fire for unknown causes.

“[There] didn’t appear to be any foul play of any kind,” he said. “It just happened from mechanical failure of some sort.”

Mullins said the fire put out without damaging any other surrounding vehicles. He said no one was hurt and the student was headed toward his car to possibly drive to class.

“He saw that it was on fire,” he said. “He’s okay, we’re mopping it up right now.”

Mullins said on the fire department’s end, everything has been taken care of and everyone is safe.

“Just call us if you need us,” he said. “Things happen and [there is] some things you can’t control.”

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.