On Campus Living vs. Off Campus Living

By Dan Genaro

Jambar Contributor

Youngstown State University offers five student housing facilities for $4,545 per semester, but some students prefer to live off campus instead of on campus.

Both boast numerous benefits, but students who live on campus believe their choice of living is better than the commuting students who live off campus and vice versa.

Ross Gould, a senior criminal justice major, said he likes living on campus because of the convenience.

“I work on campus, so it’s nice to be able to walk to work and class,” Gould said. “I’m also able to gain the experience of living on my own.”

The events on campus are another reason Gould said living on campus is better.

“It’s fun going to football games, the Federal Frenzy and Fall Fire Fest,” Gould said.

Ryanne Lambert, a sophomore marketing management major, said she feels more connected with the university living on campus, but she did not live on campus her first semester.

“Now that I live on campus, I connect more with students and events on campus from living in dorms,” Lambert said. “The difference of living on campus has changed my whole perspective on college.”

Junior telecommunications major, Alisa Temple, lives right outside campus in an apartment with four roommates.

“My choice of living is superior to off campus living, because I have my own space,” Temple said. “No parents around is great.”

Hannah Telesz, a senior communications major, said living on campus is better because of the benefits of the university.

“Living on campus gave me an opportunity to be more involved on campus and take the opportunity to use all the resources the university has to offer,” Telesz said.

Choosing to live on campus has many benefits, but commuting students at YSU believe living off campus is the better choice.

Sean Zekkour, a sophomore social studies and education major, said living off campus is better because of the cost.

“Cost of living on campus seems to be inflated due to cost of upkeep on the facilities,” Zekkour said. “I pay $350 a month for an apartment that is probably nicer than most of the dorms or $800 apartments college kids cannot afford without financial help.”

Zekkour said it is also less stressful living off campus.

“Sharing a luxury apartment with three other people seems like more of a party atmosphere, and relying on others to come up with their portion of the bills always seems to cause some sort of stress,” Zekkour said.

Tiffany Gaydosh, a sophomore biology major, said she believes living off campus is the better option overall.

“I don’t have to pay for room and board, deal with roommates and I’m not stuck on campus,” Gaydosh said. “I get home cooked food, more living space, access to my car and can still be close to my family.”

Sophomore business administration major, Luciano Romeo, said he enjoys living off campus because he is family oriented.

“I’m a family man, so I like coming home to see my family every day after class instead of just calling, texting or facetiming them,” Romeo said.

Sophomore nursing major, Kenny Dubaj, said the convenience and cost of living off campus makes his style of living better.

“It’s way cheaper,” Dubaj said. “I get a free meal every night, I get to sleep in my own bed, I don’t have to worry about bringing clothes and other things home from a dorm, there is no roommate, I have my own shower and toilet and I get peace and quiet at my house when I have to study.”

For students who want to live on campus, information can be found at the Housing and Residence Life Office located at One University Plaza Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.