Campus Activity Nights

By Alyssa Weston

Jambar Contributor

Youngstown State University Housing and Residence Life provides activities for student residents throughout the school year including movies, open mic nights and craft nights.

These events are implemented by Program Coordinator Ahjah Johnson and Housing and Residence Life graduate assistant Shalon Salters.

Kate Landry, a Cafaro resident assistant and sophomore music education major, said Housing and Residence Life tries to rotate where events are held because residents are more likely to attend if they live in the building that is hosting an event.

“For my first floor program this semester, we did karaoke in our pajamas,” she said. “I wasn’t sure how my residents would feel about karaoke, but it was a big hit and they are really interested in doing it again.”

Emily Nickerson, freshman pre-social work major, said the activities are a way for her to do something fun and meet up with people.

“It’s something to do without having to really go anywhere or spend money,” she said.

On Feb. 7, Lyden House hosted a Valentine’s Day-themed craft night.

Housing and Residence Life graduate assistant Caitie Mullen and Landry host the craft nights.

Landry said she was excited about the idea, so she was given the opportunity to decide what the crafts were.

Paige Meadows, freshman pre-nursing major, said student activities are important because it was a way to unwind without leaving campus.

“This was the first craft night I’ve been to, but it was fun. I got to paint and make a craft which was a nice break from studying,” Meadows said.

Twin brothers Clayton and Connor Petrella, both freshman theater studies majors, attended craft night because they both like to create things.

Clayton Petrella said student activities are a good way for him to get into a new environment and brings different types of people together.

“I think activities like this are fun to do,” he said. “It gets me out of my dorms and gets me creative when doing specific craft projects and keeps my mind moving.”

Connor Petrella said people attend events like craft night knowing they will be accomplishing something, such as making a craft.

Katie Biller, sophomore human resource management major, said she attended craft night as a way to put her studies aside for a few hours and relieve stress.

“Events like this are always on my calendar. For me it helps me do a fun activity with friends and just talk and not have to worry about homework or to just check up on each other’s day,” she said.

Biller said she thinks student activities on campus are important because they provide an opportunity to take a break from school and life.

She said it also provides student residents with the opportunity to meet new people and experience a part of campus most commuter students cannot see.