Buechner Hall evacuated after reports of smoke


Members of the Youngstown Fire Department walk past Buechner Hall on Monday after responding to reports of smoke. No one was injured and no major damage is expected. Photo by Josh Medore/ The Jambar.

The Youngstown Fire Department was called to Buechner Hall on Monday after smoke was reported in the kitchen around 3:00 p.m.

“I opened the door; I ran in, and there was a bad smell. It smelled like wires burning,” said Roberta Whippo, an employee at Buechner. “We thought it was an exhaust fan, but it wasn’t all; our phones went down. We’re thinking now that it’s our [phone] system.”

Battalion Chief Terrance Jordan said that the cause of the fire was unknown.

“Actually, we don’t know [what caused the smoke]. They smelled smoke and tried to find the source of it, and we suspect it might be something with the phone system,” Jordan said.

All residents of the female-only dorm were evacuated, and no major damage is expected.

“Everybody has to be alerted; everybody has to be evacuated from the building, and nobody’s allowed back in until it’s cleared,” said Tricia Chervenak, an employee and resident at Buechner Hall.

A member of the Youngstown Fire Department at the scene said that the response time was about three minutes. The building was cleared by 3:30 p.m. and residents were able to return to their rooms.