Bliss Hall’s Water Service Temporarily Shut Off

UPDATE: A chilled water line was ruptured on the Wick Avenue construction site. This made the campus chilled water plant inoperable, according to an email from Youngstown State University Information.

“The line has since been isolated, and the plant will be operable on Friday, providing air conditioning to campus with the exception of Bliss Hall, McDonough Museum of Art and Meshel Hall,” the email stated. “It is anticipated that service to those buildings will be restored by the end of the day Friday.”

The contractor working on the east side of Wick Avenue ruptured a waterline, according to John Hyden, associate vice president of facilities maintenance.

“In an effort to identify and isolate the line, we have temporarily shut off water service to Bliss Hall,” Hyden said. “Service will be restored as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.”