Beers to you

Within the next two weeks, I will be interviewing for a professional career at a potential employer, receiving my diploma at commencement, and saying goodbye to my friends at The Jambar and Youngstown State University.

My four years at YSU have shaped me into a brighter individual and provided me with a foundation of knowledge to start a professional career.

This semester was my ultimate test.

With 17 semester hours and two part-time jobs, I had my hands full. My teachers never let up, and the assignments piled higher and higher.

With finals week approaching, the heavy burden of homework and class projects has finally been lifted, and only one exam stands in my way before graduation.

I want to thank all of my teachers, friends and co-workers for the wonderful experience that was provided to me at YSU.

My biggest of thanks goes out to The Jambar’s staff. I have never witnessed such a hardworking group of individuals. The knowledge of these students amazes me, and I am thankful to have shared my experience with them.

My role as Web manager gave me a chance to utilize the skills I obtained from my coursework. I hope that future employees of The Jambar will use my design and develop it even further.

The Jambar also gave me the opportunity to voice my opinion about my love for craft beer.

The weekly beer column gave me something to look forward to every week, and it took my mind off all my schoolwork.

With the semester coming to an end, I wish the best of luck to students and faculty during finals week and to your promising futures.