Beer, boobies and Them Bastards

Youngstown Band, Them Bastards, performed Friday night at Irish Bob’s Pub in Youngstown. Photo By Gabby Fellows/The Jambar.
Youngstown Band, Them Bastards, performed Friday night at Irish Bob’s Pub in Youngstown. Photo By Gabby Fellows/The Jambar.

Them Bastards, the self-proclaimed “asshole band of Youngstown,” recently took a big step with their show and music video shooting at Irish Bob’s on Friday.

The group is made up of long-time friends Joe Bialik (guitar), Jay Iorio (drums), RJ Rishel (vocals) and Alex Martz (bass).

“We played one sober show, and it was the worst show of our lives. We like making music that parents will hate, and we can’t do that and not be drunk,” Iorio, who also plays bass, said.

Them Bastards became a group around 2011 after Bialik, Iorio and Martz had many unplanned jam sessions in the Bailik basement. From there, the trio went about searching for a singer to complete their sound.

After many attempts to join the band, Rishel finally found his way in.

“I knew they were looking for a good yell and a good voice, and I had that,” he said. “But every time I would ask, I got told no. Probably like five times, no.”

“We kept telling RJ no because we didn’t think he had it in him. Then he showed up to practice one day and completely blew us away… even though he was drunk,” Bialik said.

The band has performed about nine shows and plans to keep booking more. The group said their style is hard-hitting and not for the weak.

“We are like punk rock … or more rock than punk … I don’t know. It’s not music for p—ies,” Iorio said. “We like to rock out, but being in a band is a lot of work.”

According to Bialik, keeping Them Bastards up and running is tough work, but it’s more than worth it in the end.

“Working on songs, working on getting chicks … we drink beer and move things. It might be exhausting, but we love it,” Bialik said.

The show at Irish Bob’s on Friday was the perfect opportunity to showcase all the hard work Them Bastards has put into their music and their stage presence, all in front of a large crowd and cameras.

A videographer patrolled the stage and crowd during the show, gathering video and audio to be used to make a music video for the song “1,000 Beers.”

“We want to get footage of people having fun … and obviously us playing. Put it together and edit it, you get a kickass music video. That’s what this show is about,” Martz said.

A mosh pit of men was ever-present during the show, punching each other and breaking things in the small pub. Speakers fell, beer was spilled and spit was flying. There was no shortage of energy by the band or the crowd for the entire set.

Them Bastards said that as long as they’re having fun, shows will continue to pop up at venues around the area.

“We just like to f–k things up and have a good time, and if people don’t like it, screw them, because we do. If they like it, cool — drink a beer with us,” Iorio said.