Bashing for beats

Rookery Radio

Rookery Radio held their first benefit bash at the old Lemon Grove last year. The second annual benefit bash will be Saturday at the Lemon Grove from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Photo courtesy of Nancy Barker.

Comedians, bands and Youngstown State University students will fill the Lemon Grove on Saturday night starting at 6 p.m. for the second annual Rookery Radio Benefit Bash.

Since 2011, Rookery Radio has served as an on-air outlet for YSU students who have a passion for radio, even if they are not communications majors.

Adam Earnheardt, chair of the communications department, oversees Rookery Radio.

“This is the anchor event to end our communications week,” Earnheardt said. “This year, we have expanded the event by bringing in three bands, especially our headliner, Runaway Dorothy.”

Earnheardt said Runaway Dorothy is a New York City-based band managed by YSU graduate Ryan Mishko.

This year, two stages will be set up in the Lemon Grove to accommodate three bands and two comedians. This will allow for constant entertainment throughout the evening. Another thing different about the bash is Lemon Grove’s larger location.

Earnheardt said the turnout last year was overwhelming.

“The place was packed,” Earheardt said. “That was the old location, too, so we hope to pack the bigger location this year, too. We hope to bring 500 to 600 people throughout the night this year.”

Earnheardt also said the Lemon Grove has been really helpful both this year and last.

To benefit the station, drink specials, a chance auction and a $5 cover charge will help raise money for Rookery Radio. The proceeds will all go to defraying the station’s operational costs, such as licensing fees, new monitors and headphones.

David Tamulonis, co-host of “The Dave and Jarod Show,” said the station relies on donations to stay operational.

“Since we are a nonprofit student organization and this event is really big for us,” Tamulonis said, “the proceeds really help us stay up and running.”

“Everything adds up,” Earnheardt said. “This is our only benefit event, so we are really excited about it.”

Besides benefitting the station, the bash also helps to get Rookery’s name out to the YSU campus, as well as the Youngstown area.

Matt Roth, junior host, said this is just the beginning for the station.

“The benefit bash is a good way for us to branch out to not just the campus but also the community,” Roth said. “It also helps for us to recruit more [disk jockeys] for next semester.”

The benefit’s biggest sponsor of the night was their new partner, the WBCB/The CW.

“One of the great things about this is that it really highlights our relationship with the WBCB/CW,” Earnheardt said. “They have been fantastic to help promote Rookery in the community.”

Roth also said he is grateful to the WBCB/CW.

“We are really thankful for everything,” Roth said. “Besides the CW, we are also really thankful for everyone at Lemon Grove for helping us out for the second year in a row.”

The Rookery staff encourages YSU students to attend the benefit.

“It’s a great time; I went last year, and it was really fun,” Tamulonis said. “The bands this year all sound pretty good, and there’s some cool stuff being raffled off, so it should be a good great time.”

For more information on Rookery Radio visit the station’s website,, or visit the Lemon Grove on Saturday from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.