Banding together

On Friday, University Pizzeria will host six bands that are joining forces to help another local band reach their dream of recording an album.

The concert will start at 6:30 p.m., and it is open to those 18 and older. The cover charge is $8, and all proceeds will benefit Set to Reflect, who will also be performing.

Kristen Occhiove, an employee of University Pizzeria, said she expects a fun, entertaining night.

“Each band will bring their own following and that could be anywhere from 20 to 50 people per band. We are expecting to see quite a few people throughout the night,” Occhiove said.

Performing with Set to Reflect will be Run for the Skylines, Where Are You Houston, Save Us From the Archon, Alteras and Oroboros.

Set to Reflect is a post-hardcore band that adds its own style into its music and has been preforming together for more than a year and a half.

The band consists of five members: Alan Bryan, lead guitarist and backup vocalist; Matt Luthie, guitarist; Trevor Jenkins, bassist; Tony McVaney, lead vocalist; and Will Green, drummer.

The band members said they want their audience to receive one message from their music: Never give up.

“We want people to know that there is hope in this lost world,” Green said. “No one is alone. We’re all traveling through this crazy thing we call life together, and we should all have each other’s backs.”

The members have open minds about their future as they plan to record 11 new tracks in February.

The members of Set to Reflect said they want to “get rich or die trying” and “roll with the punches from there.”

Alteras, another band performing, is a punk-rock band that includes elements of clubhouse music to create a unique sound.

The Austintown band also has five members: Jake Clasen, vocalist; Jordan Woolley, guitarist and programmer of synthesizers; Matt Heitzer, drummer; Tony Adams, bassist; and Mike Dulay, guitarist.

“We were just groups of guys who loved to write music and perform, so we banded,” Clasen said.

The band has been playing original tracks since 2011.

“I like the listeners to be able to create their own personal connection with each song,” Clasen said.

Clasen also said he is happy to help a fellow band.

“We’d never turn down an offer to play a show for a cause. It’s hard to make money in this industry. Set to Reflect are good guys trying to get an album out. We got to do what we can to help,” he said.