Anti-abortion protest on campus sparks discussion

Messages written in chalk express thoughts about abortion.

By Samantha Smith

Created Equal, an anti-abortion organization from Columbus, visited Youngstown State University’s campus Thursday, March 17, to protest against legal abortion. The organization brought out signs and a Jumbotron for the protest.

Maggie Groover, the creative media assistant of Created Equal, explained why the organization was on campus.

“We go to college campuses because students on college campuses are the age range of people getting abortions and also because they are our future,” she said. “No matter whether they’re in a political arena or another place, they’re our future and we should be raising up the next generation to be telling the truth about what abortion is and not spreading lies.”

Ian Spencer, the organizer of events for Created Equal, explained what the organization wanted the audience to take away from the protest.

“Just to see and to know what abortion is and what it does,” he said. “I think once people see abortion, abortion protests itself, they see the horror of what it does to pre-born children.”

During the protest, the organization had graphic signs and videos displaying imagery of abortions being performed. Groover said this was to demonstrate how graphic abortion is. She also explained that the organization obtained the imagery from abortion clinics and the doctors who performed them. 

Students walking by the protest were able to talk and debate with the protestors about abortion. Freshman Olivia Wickham explained what she thought about the protest.

“I think that we’re all really lucky to live in a place where we’re able to advocate our beliefs and have conversations openly about it,” she said. “Do I think this is a productive way to get people on your side? No. Do I think that they shouldn’t be allowed here? No. Again I agree, I like the conversation.”

Wickham detailed her thoughts on the discussion led by the organization.

“It is also scary to see people actively against me having rights over my own body and being so contradicting,” she said. “The conversations are interesting and I do appreciate the stability, but it is kind of scary to see that these people are so anti-woman.”

Another student, Andrew Sanders, a junior industrial engineer major, also explained what his opinion on the topic is.

“I, myself, am Catholic, so I am not for abortion,” he said. “But at the same time, this whole thing — I feel — is your choice. I wouldn’t want it, but if someone else does, sure. Go ahead, do what you want.”

For information on the organization, visit its website at For more information on the Planned Parenthood Generation Action on campus, visit its website at