Last Thursday night, swing and ballroom dancers of all ages flew across the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center’s dance floor to partake in the Cinderella Ball — an event hosted by the Youngstown State University Dance Club.

Kristi Yazvac, president of the dance club, said that the Disney princess and royal ball theme gave students and Youngstown residents a chance to dress up in formal attire.

“We put on a dance semiannually with different themes every semester, and we decided to go formal this semester. We wanted to let girls and boys dress up in their old prom attire. Our main point was that we would never get to wear our prom dresses again if we didn’t have something like this,” Yazvac said. “I love Disney.”

Students that presented a YSU ID at the door were charged a $5 entry fee while non-students were charged $10; proceeds benefitted the dance club.

Anyone in attendance was invited to dance along with the Youngstown-Warren Chapter 2015 of USA Dance, the local chapter of the national, non-profit dance organization that partnered with YSU’s dance club for the fundraiser. Guests also enjoyed a variety of fruits, vegetables, snacks and drinks to refresh themselves as while dancing the evening away.

Jake Miller, secretary of the YSU ballroom dance club, said that he was excited about the number of dancers at the Cinderella Ball.

“I felt fantastic about tonight. Everything was going great. We had a phenomenal turnout and the dance floor was full almost at every corner. You couldn’t ask for more,” Miller said.

Emily Andriko, vice president of the YSU ballroom dance club, said that, though she enjoyed the evening, she wished more YSU students showed up at the ball.

“We have had a very great turnout. We didn’t get as many YSU students as we had hoped, but the USA Dance partnership that we hold — a lot of them showed up and it looked like everyone was having a great time,” Andriko said.

Katelyn Kridler, Spanish and French education major, positively commented on the evening.

“It’s just good to be here. We’ve been working toward this and it’s just fun to see it come to life,” Kridler said.