All the world’s a stage

Dim the lights. Maybe light a candle. Pop open a bottle of wine. Maybe slip into something sexy, and get ready to be seduced.

It’s time for another presidential debate.

Yes, an hour and a half of prime-time television where two smooth-talking gentlemen attempt to win the collective hearts of many by saying just about anything.

Not even the most heart-wrenching episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” can capture the array of emotions the viewing public will be subject to on Tuesday night.

Game three of the Yankees-Tigers series may equate. There really are few things as satisfying as a Yankees’ loss.

But back to things that matter.

As we’ve seen in the first debate’s wake, performance on stage has significant bearing in the polls.

After being neck and neck, Romney now has a two-point lead over Obama among likely voters in a recent Gallup poll.

Really, America?

After months of labeling Romney as too distant to connect with the average voter, everything changes with a night of grandiose promises and a new batch of reassurances.

At the other podium, Obama took a nap instead of breaking down Romney’s nice-guy facade.

Once again, two imposters will take the stage.

What they say will sound great, but it’s what they’re not saying that’s crucial.

They’ll split hairs over softball questions from town hall attendees, then dodge real issues by regurgitating premeditated rhetoric.

Sounds like a great time.

Then again, first pitch is at 8:07 p.m.