All I Have to Give: (freakin’ love Backstreet Boys)

(from left to right) Dustin Livesay and Joe Catullo Jr. pose for a possible sequel to Step Brothers.
(from left to right) Dustin Livesay and Joe Catullo Jr. pose for a possible sequel to Step Brothers.
(from left to right) Dustin Livesay and Joe Catullo Jr. pose for a possible sequel to Step Brothers.

It began on Stambaugh Stadium in 2010. Trevor Parks, Youngstown State University’s sports information director, lined up the football team’s four captains.

That was my first article, and I never imagined where that moment would lead me nearly four years later. Along with being a sports reporter, multimedia editor and two-time sports editor at The Jambar, I also worked with The Vindicator, Liberty Mutual, Warren Tribune Chronicle, and I am still with 21 WFMJ.

My proudest moment, so far in my early career, is producing The Eric Wolford Story on my YouTube channel. I can’t begin to explain how much respect and praise I received after many saw the 30-minute documentary. It is one of the main reasons where I am today.

Parks was one of the first people I ever met. Wolford was another. Along the way, I met some more incredible people at YSU, and everybody helped me in one way or another. Just so we’re clear, there’s really no particular order for the people mentioned below.

Mary Beth Earnheardt: You helped kick start my career from the moment I walked into your old office six years ago. I asked you to help me pursue a career in sports, and you led me here. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you. Thank you, and keep Adam company for me.

Dustin Livesay: You are, without a doubt, my office best friend. Many people would assume it’s Steve Wilaj (he’ll be mentioned again shortly), but it was you. All the road trips and home games we attended will always be with me. You inspired me that one can raise a family with three girls and still get through college. And never, ever, set a low standard for yourself again. Besides a great photographer, you’re also a good writer. The Senior Project Award signifies that. Love you, buddy.

Josh Stipanovich: I always looked at you as an older brother. You helped me want to become a sports journalist. Your enthusiasm, devotion and care stemmed in me from the beginning. Nights in the office bullshitting about random things, playing Madden, going to Indians games, all of it was worth my time.

Steve Wilaj: You are the craziest person I’ve known here. You tell cat jokes and try to pull everybody’s pants down. But despite these signs of “Why would people take you seriously?” you are gifted in your writing. Beginning in workshop, I could tell that you had a knack for this business. I know that you will do big things, but you have to stay motivated and willing. I’ve seen you on your bad days, and it’s about as pretty as Dustin shaving his back.

Marissa McIntyre: You were always my sister of The Jambar, and nobody can take that away. Maybe we fought way too many times, and it mostly revolved around the Steelers and Big Time Rush, but you have good intentions. You’re going to make it big in either the music or Titanic industry. You’re as passionate about that stuff as I am with sports. I still miss seeing you in the office.

Jordan Uhl: You set the bar high for how to run a sports page, and hopefully I made you proud after you graduated, even though I didn’t have to design the page. I modeled being a sports editor after what I witnessed when you were here. There hasn’t been, and probably will never be, another sports team like us.

Chris Cotelesse: People can say whatever they want about you because everybody has that linger in their mind. But I know what you mean to me. You started the video aspect into my work life, something that has led me to a variety of opportunities. Without you, I don’t know how much I would’ve invested my time into videos. You jump-started my video career, and I will always be thankful for that.

Josh Medore: You kind of transformed from something like a little brother to the older brother after one semester. When it’s time to get down to it, you will do everything in power to get it done, but don’t stress out all the time. News will never be perfect. It will fluctuate all the time. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that you can’t take it personal. Me making fun of you? Yes, but not journalism. Keep a strong head, and you’ll be just fine.

Cassy Twoey: You are the sweetheart in the office. You take a lot of crap and turn it into gold. I had some doubts about you taking over as editor-in-chief, but you proved me wrong. You also have a knack for copy editing, something many do not have. You have the capabilities to pursue whatever you want in life. Don’t ever change.

Kacy Standohar: I felt like we sort of grew with each other, despite you graduating before me. You were the only one who wanted to spend a night in the office working. I know I didn’t have to help you with your senior project, but there’s a reason for doing so. You have a strong mind for knowing where you want your life to go.

Mary Dota: You have the heart of the angel and the eye of the tiger (cliché? So what?). I think you spent about $1 million on all of us. I always enjoyed talking and teasing with you. I always looked at you as my office mother even though I always joked and said grandmother. I’ll probably miss you the most. And thanks for putting up with my shit all the time.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wolford: You two inspire me with everything that you do with your kids. And you two were so instrumental in my video piece. Because Coach was always busy, Melinda, you made my video possible. I will always be forever in your debt.

YSU Athletics: I want to thank everyone within athletics that have put up with me for the past four years and helped me get the job done. Trevor Parks, Jamie Hall and John Vogel are the first three to come to mind. Ron Strollo helped Dustin and I travel all the time when he didn’t have to. A special thanks to Missy Hundelt and Kurt Hess for allowing me to produce mini-documentaries about your careers. Ron Stevens was always clutch when Dustin didn’t have a photo. And there are many others that helped along the way.

And to the rest of you:

Nick Mancini made my first year as sports editor easy. Anthony DiPiero could always be counted on, whether it’s attending an Indians game or playing catch. Jeff Mamounis helped me mature throughout the years. Rachael Kerr didn’t have to take ten minutes out of her life to help me copy edit. Lamar Salter always keeps me inspired with his words of wisdom. Chelsea Telega inspires me through her fight in her younger years. Sam Marhulik always made my sports page look the greatest it could when I worked him, and the same goes to the other designers, as well as being one of the nicest guys to work with. Jenna Medina inspires me with her purple/red/blue/mauve pants.

For those that weren’t mentioned, I still know who you are. Please don’t ever be afraid to ask for advice. I’m always here to help, even if I don’t look like it.

This has been another sports recap with The Jambar. I’m Joe Catullo, and remember to always Jack Up The Rev.