A Sweet and Spicy Start for Hot Heads

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Pamela VonBergen officially opened her Hot Head Burrito eatery on Lincoln Avenue.

VonBergen, owner of Hot Head and two area Subways said she was satisfied with the way business was going on the first day.

“It’s going great, and I’m happy. There’s been a line all day long going through very quick, so there wasn’t a long wait. The employees have been really fast and quick in the back as well, and we even had a line to the door around lunch time,” she said.

VonBergen explained that the official opening was on Valentine’s Day.

“We had a pre-opening party on Wednesday, Thursday we had the ribbon cutting with the mayor but we stayed closed, and we officially opened to the public Friday.” VonBergen explained.

She said that her goal was to give adequate service to the public and let them experience the food on their own.

“The main thing for me is to provide service the first time and make sure everyone leaves here happy,” VonBergen said. “Once they come, they’ll be able to taste the food, see the profile and the service.”

She added that every Friday at Hot Heads is “Facebook Friday” and students are able to receive the deals on their phones.

“There’s an app that you can download for our menu and every Friday, if you log onto Facebook, the specials going on that day will pop up on your phone,” she said. “Every day we’ll have some kind of different special going on, like Tuesday is double sticker day, and once you get so many you’ll get a free burrito.”

Pamela said that the restaurant does not accept Pete’s Points, but students will get to vote online whether Hot Heads will be added to the list or not.

Students were excited to eat at Hot Head and most agreed that the food was delicious.

Robert Miller, political science and history major, expressed his excitement for his meal.

“It’s actually my first time eating at Hot Head, and I ordered the spicy chicken burrito. It’s just really good,” Miller said.

Taylor Fleming, nursing major, said that she really liked the food at Hot Head as well.

“This is my first time here, but I really like it. I like Chipotle too though, but I can’t choose between which one is better; I just like them both,” Fleming said.

Kyle Logan, mechanical engineering major, said that Hot Head offers more variety on its menu than Chipotle, and he enjoys the food.

“So far, it’s been unbelievable. I think they’re going to do well here, and hopefully, it lasts, because it would be a nice thing on YSU’s campus to get kids to come to,” Logan said. “I like how there is a different variety of things, and there are a lot more sauces and toppings you can choose from. It’s not better than Chipotle but there is more variety.”