A new low – for COVID-19 cases

Photo courtesy of Pexels.com

By Elizabeth Coss

Youngstown State University hit a record low number of COVID-19 cases for the sixth week in a row. 

According to YSU’s COVID-19 Dashboard, there were five positive cases reported to the university Feb. 20-26. Of those cases, two were employees and three were students who live off campus. 

This is also the third week in a row that no students living on campus tested positive. 

In addition to the record low, this is also the fourth week in a row where YSU’s asymptomatic voluntary surveillance tests have returned with a 0% positivity rate. There were 16 tests for the week of Feb. 20-26. 

Last week, an announcement to reduce mask protocols on campus. Chet Cooper, chair of the Academic Senate, shared the decision at the Academic Senate meeting last Wednesday. 

“[Wearing a mask] is not mandated, it’s recommended that you do, that social distancing be maintained to the extent possible, but masking will still be mandated within the classroom,” Cooper said. 

Masks are no longer required in other types of environments like elevators, hallways, recreation centers and congregational areas.