A ‘Frosty’ celebration

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Wendy’s opening in Kilcawley Center, the restaurant will give away free Penguin Frostys to the first 300 customers starting at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

Ester Reed, resident director of Wendy’s, said Youngstown State University’s student support has worked well with the national restaurant chain.

“We have almost all student employees and they’re all great. We just want to celebrate this year, and say thanks to all the employees that have been working here, and we really appreciate them,” Reed said.

Wendy’s came to YSU in the fall of 2012, replacing Arby’s. Reed said the Kilcawley Wendy’s has experienced success.

“We’d get about 500 to 600 customers a day since we opened back in October,” she said.

Reed is happy with Wendy’s coming to the university.

“We chose Wendy’s to come to campus because they have fresh food, produce and their core values are strong,” she said. “We couldn’t be happier with the turn out and the response of our employees.”

Wendy’s offers a variety of items to students, and has even incorporated the school mascot into the name of its popular ice cream dessert — the Penguin Frosty.

“We wanted to be specific to the students, and it’s cool to see your own school mascot brought into the restaurants. We hope people come down because we plan to stay,” Reed said.

She said that she wishes to see everyone come back and celebrate the reunion with enthusiasm.

“I would tell everyone it’s nice to see you again and thank you for a great year. We hope everyone comes back out and we want to go back to that place just a year ago when the line was out the door. Come down and enjoy the Frostys and come back again,” she said.

Students said that they value the hard work of the employees and enjoy the food. Alex Learn, accounting major, said that she likes to eat at Wendy’s, and the prices fit her budget.

“Wendy’s is a great place to eat. The service is fast and the workers are very kind, and the prices are great for a college student’s budget,” Learn said.

Mary Wike, special education and early education major, said that she also enjoys the service and food at Wendy’s.

“The service is excellent, and they handle the rush very well. The food is really good,” Wike said.