A 9-year-old is our hero

America has a new sports star in 9-year old running back Samantha Gordon.

Nearly 2,000 yards and 35 touchdowns in her Salt Lake City peewee league have earned her a cover spot on a Wheaties box.

Gordon received the box on “Good Morning America” on Nov. 21.

However, General Mills won’t sell the boxes in stores.

Attempts to reach General Mills were unsuccessful.

One of the world’s largest food companies is missing out on the opportunity to boost the self-images of millions of American girls, while earning a good deal of coin in the process.

And unfortunately for American society, female self-worth is still a serious issue.

Research funded by Dove, the personal care brand, found that “6 in 10 girls stop doing what they love because they feel bad about their looks,” according to “The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited.”

It’s crucial for the success of our nation, that girls and women separate their self-image from their self-worth.

That’s where Gordon can serve as an inspiration for generations of women and young girls.

If they have someone to admire for her skills and talent, they will be more likely to base their self-worth on their own talents and abilities.

We’re not just making that up.

A study undertaken by Indiana University Bloomington, determined that “girls who participate in sports in general have higher self-esteem then girls who do not. The feelings of accomplishment, sense of belonging, and acquisition of new skills that sports offer may explain this observation.”

Men dominate our society, and especially the athletic arena. While progress has been made in some areas for women to break through the glass ceiling, that’s not the case in football.

So, in case anyone from the General Mills’ production and distribution department is reading this, please make Samantha Gordon famous. Well, more famous.