YSU’S Among Us Game Night

By Douglas M. Campbell

YSU’s students face off virtually in a game of “Among Us”. Photo by Douglas Campbell/The Jambar

A vessel flew through space as six students faced off virtually in a council. One of them was a suspected murderer. Campus recreation held a virtual game night Monday, Oct. 19, where students faced off playing the newest trending game “Among Us.”

Domonique Sak, coordinator of club sports and summer camps, organized the virtual event.

“At first it was a debate, and then we converted it to a game night because there’s this new game ‘Among Us’ that is really trending right now, and we want to follow that trend,” Sak said.

“Among Us” is a game where participants play as crewmembers on a spaceship, while one participant is an imposter who sabotages the rest of the players. At the end of each round, the participants have to vote someone off the ship.

Samantha Johnson, assistant of club sports and summer camps, commended Sak’s idea for student engagement. 

“I’ve only played it once — from my understanding it’s kind of like a game of ‘Clue.’ It’s the new hype, I guess. I didn’t really understand it, but we are getting some good feedback from students,” Johnson said.

The event was held on the video conferencing platform Webex, where students could discuss face-to-face who the possible suspect could be.

Mark McKenzie, a senior physics major, said there was a key difference playing the game through Webex compared to on his phone.

“Having a couple of cameras on and being able to see and hear people’s tones and reactions made the game a little bit easier. I think it’s a bit harder playing on the phone where you are in a random room communicating through a chat board,” McKenzie said. 

Photo by Douglas Campbell/The Jambar

Jenna DeLuca, a junior information technology major, found herself often as a crewmember but had a strategy when playing as an imposter. 

“I made sure to find a person alone and that there was no one around so I could kill them and move on,” DeLuca said.

Six people participated in campus recreation’s “Among Us” game on Webex.

“I thought the whole night was pretty fun, just being able to take my mind off of school and laugh and chat with everyone,” McKenzie said.