YSU Virtual Talent Show

By Gabrielle Owens
Jambar Contributor

For students looking for an opportunity to show off their talents, the Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center is hosting a virtual talent show, which organizers say will allow students to gain the full college experience during the fall semester. 

Domonique Sak, coordinator of club sports and summer camps, said whether students can sing, play an instrument or solve a Rubik’s cube — this event is for them.

“The virtual talent show is an event to show off their talents, as if it was an in-person talent show. We recognize the many walks of life on campus and we wanted to give them an opportunity to present that in the form of a friendly competition,” she said.

Virtual talent shows will be recurring throughout the semester, Sak said, in hopes to get students involved in the event.

“Our first event was Sept. 8 at 5 p.m., but we only had one person sign up. Since then, we plan on pushing the day and time of our event in hopes of getting more people to participate,” she said.

Sak said Samantha Johnson, graduate assistant of club sports and summer camp, and the staff at the rec center collaborated to create an event for students to show off their talents.

“It was different from the typical virtual programming offerings that we had been promoting, so I thought it was a brilliant idea from Samantha,” she said.

Johnson said they wanted to create a fun virtual event for students to interact with each other. Also, they wanted to give freshmen an opportunity to receive the full college experience.

The YSU Campus Recreation hosts a virtual talent show, where winners will receive a T-shirt and a select prize. Photo courtesy of YSU Campus Recreation

“Right now, with all the precautions, we created the virtual talent show because it gives students something to do during the semester,” she said.

The winner of the talent show will receive a T-shirt and a campus rec prize.

Olivia Saxey, a freshman forensic science major, said she plans to showcase her talent of piano playing for the virtual talent show. 

“I picked this talent because out of all the instruments I play, this is the only one where I completely taught myself, and I am very proud of my abilities,” she said. “I wanted to apply for the virtual talent show because I like to find different ways to get involved around school and have the opportunity to share my gifts and talents with other people.”

Saxey said she recommends students apply for the virtual talent show, which will give them the opportunity to interact with other students.

“This is a fun way to get to know other people you go to school with and connect with those who may like the same things you do.”

For students interested in watching or being a part of the event, apply in-person at the rec center or visit the rec center store online and search the virtual talent show.