YSU takes a byte out of Windows 8

For the past few weeks in Kilcawley Center, Youngstown State University has offered a demonstration of Microsoft Windows 8 — brought to YSU by Campus Entertainment, a college marketing agency.

Windows 8 replaces the traditional start button with tile- and charm-based navigation. Users can move around these icons as they please to access programs more easily.

One application that stood out among students was a program known as SkyDrive, which allows users to access files from anywhere.

“The whole cloud computing system with Microsoft SkyDrive, the new advances in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint. They’re all tools we, as students, use,” said YSU student Paul Emig.

Emig said Windows 8 is useful to YSU students.

“Being a Windows-based university, most of your projects are done via Word, Excel or PowerPoint,” he said.

Windows 8’s new interface, along with a few other features, caught Emig’s eye.

“We have these things called LivePals here, which can automatically update you whether you’re getting a new email. You can link it up to your Facebook and Twitter accounts,” he said.

Like Emig, YSU student Leanne Johnson said she enjoys Windows 8, especially since it is user-friendly.

“I think it’s really easy to use, and they’ll be able to use the touch screen,” she said. “It’s easy to access it and not have to always use a keyboard. Students can access tiles for research.”

Johnson said the design sets Windows 8 apart from competitors.

“[I like] the interface and also the more modern look with the tiles,” she said. “It also has all your office programs, the Excel [and] PowerPoint, so students can use it in class for projects.”

Even following the demonstration period, Johnson said she wants to continue to spread the word about Windows 8.

“I’m going to promote it more,” she said. “I’m definitely going to recommend it to teachers. In the business school, you can take it on internships.”

Given the plethora of features, Johnson said she almost can’t quite pinpoint the feature she enjoys most on Windows 8.

“There are so many different things it has,” she said. “But definitely the SkyDrive [is] the best. I like everything about it.”