YSU Receives $1.5 Million Donation for Recreational Field from Cafaro Family

By Jaivaun Dodge
Jambar Contributer

Since 2014, Youngstown State University has had a campaign dedicated to the future of the university. The We See Tomorrow campaign has plans to bring numerous changes to campus. Recently, the Cafaro family donated $1.5 million for a new activities field.

This new field, funded by the donation, will be called the Cafaro Family Field. The Cafaro family has donated more than $2 million to the university for multiple projects.

The field is scheduled to be located on the north side of campus on Elm Street alongside Cafaro House. Early plans for the construction of the field are said to begin in spring of 2019.

The field will be used for intramural sports, club teams, special events and various campus activities. It will also act as a face of attraction for opposing teams for recruitment purposes.

Joe Conroy, coordinator of intramural sports at YSU said the donation is great for the university.

“It will give more choices for students when deciding on a school … some students will even choose YSU because of the activities that will be offered,” said Conroy.

With all of the recent additions to YSU’s campus, this is another project that will add to the overall appearance.

Conroy went on to describe what he thinks the new field should look like.

“I think the field should have red turf with a giant, white Y in the middle,” he said.

Due to a rising student population at YSU, projects like the Enclave and Cafaro Family Field are needed to make sure every student gets the chance to enjoy the campus and all of its activities.

Nick Bucci, current YSU student who participates in intramurals, said that he is glad the Cafaro family made a donation for the better of student life and that he’s excited to see the finished product.

“This field can give younger students more chances to join a club or a sport they enjoy… it’s a chance for them to meet new people,” Bucci said.

He said intramural sports, club teams and student events are all ways to make student involvement higher around campus and a way to get rid of stress.

Michael Williams, who is a current YSU student who plays intramural football, said the donation is a great way to help the university grow.

“I think the donation will show that there are people in the community who care about the university. Maybe this will inspire others to do the same,” said Williams.