YSU-OEA Votes to Strike Beginning Monday

By Abigail Cloutier

Youngstown State University’s chapter of the Ohio Education Association voted to strike. After the state chapter of OEA sanctions the vote, the strike will begin on Monday, Oct. 12 at 8 am, the first day of fall break. Over 96% of the union voted on the matter. 86% voted in approval of the move.

The decision comes after continued negotiations on Friday stalled again without a resolution, according to both parties. Just hours before the union announced the strike, President Tressel sent an email to YSU students and stated he was hopeful for a resolution before Monday.

Both the union and university released FAQs for students regarding the strike. According to the union, if negotiations do not resume by Wednesday, “faculty will resume teaching, grading, and communicating with you when the strike ends. They will make adjustments to their class schedules and due dates for assignments as needed. You will not be held responsible for any coursework (for example, as assigned by a substitute) while the strike is in progress.”

The university does not anticipate fall graduation and the current academic schedule will not be affected by the strike. Classes taught by part-time and adjunct faculty will resume as normal on Wednesday regardless of the status of the strike.

Though the university’s guide states all student workers, graduate assistants and teaching assistants are to attend work throughout the strike, YSU-OEA’s release states international students on a F-1 visa may be unable to work. Students should reach out to the International Programs Office for specific advice.

In his release, Tressel assured students to “remain optimistic,” and said “We are committed to ensuring that you’ll be able to successfully complete this semester without disruption.”

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