YSU 65th Annual Greek Sing

By Amanda Lehnerd

Youngstown State University Greek Life, PepsiCo and YSU Student Government Association present the 65th annual Greek Sing at Stambaugh Auditorium on Saturday starting at 6 p.m.

YSU Alumni Engagement is hosting a pre-concert Alumni Reception at 4:30 p.m. in the Stambaugh Auditorium. The reception will provide cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and dessert. The pre-concert reception will be $10 per person/cash bar.

Greek Sing is a tradition for many in the Greek Life community. Each year, there is a different theme for Greek Sing this year’s theme is Alphabet Soup.

“Greek Sing is a big performance where all the fraternities and sororities get together and perform choreographed dances to multiple songs while singing,” Sydney Brush, president of Alpha Omicron Pi, said. “This year’s theme is Alphabet Soup. Each fraternity and sorority had to pick a letter of the alphabet and then choose artists starting with that letter. Any song by the artists of their choice starting with their preferred letter is eligible to use.”

Many sororities and fraternities start practicing for Greek Sing early on in the spring semester to get their performances perfected.

“We prepare for Greek Sing by having scheduled practices 2-3 times a week starting in February,” Brush said. “The rehearsals are basically like a cheer or dance practice. We learn the choreography from the designated Greek Sing chair, who makes the performance.”

Bradley Linton, president of Theta Chi Epsilon Delta Colony, feels that Greek Sing is a time where members can bond with their fraternity “brothers” and sorority “sisters.”

“Greek Sing to me is my chance to bond with my brothers while showcasing to the public what Greek life is all about,” Linton said. “It creates this phenomenal relationship within your fraternity/sorority and makes a positive impact in the community.”

Linton said, Theta Chi prepares for Greek Sing by practicing at least twice a week for two hours each time.

Theta Chi Rehearsals are very fast paced and the schedule only allows for 15 minutes of practice on the stage.

“It’s kind of frightening because that’s the moment when you realize that tomorrow is the big day,” Linton said. “You truly get a feel of where you stand for your performance after that practice.”

Ashley Fagert, member of Delta Zeta, feels Greek Sing is her favorite time of year.

“Greek Sing is my favorite time of the year, we spend four days a week together learning all of the dances and songs,” Fagert said. “It may be stressful at times, but no matter what we are always having fun, laughing together and growing closer.”
Each sorority and fraternity have chosen a separate theme for their songs to entertain the crowd and possibly bring home a win.

Delta Zeta will be singing songs “that hit them right where it hurts in the heart and songs that they can belt with every ounce of energy they have,” Fagert said.

Theta Chi will be singing upbeat hip-hop songs, along with some “funny” tunes to entertain the crowd.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon will be singing a medley of selections from Justin Timberlake, Journey and James Brown.

Zeta Tau Alpha will feature songs by Lady Gaga, Lauren Alaina and La Roux along with others.

Other chapters participating this year include fraternities Alpha Phi Delta, Sigma Chi, Sigma Tau Gamma and Tau Kappa Epsilon. Additionally, sorority performances will include Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Xi Delta.