Wild and Out Provides the Best Medicine: Laughter

By Jambar Contributor
Victoria Remley

The Wild and Out comedy show on Nov. 15 was filled with jokes, rapping and games.
Branon Williams, creator of Wild and Out at Youngstown State University, said the show is an improvised hip-hop version of Who’s Line Is It Anyway?.

“It’s pretty much a game show with improvised comedy,” Williams said.
He created the group at YSU when he saw Who’s Line Is It Anyway and decided he wanted to make his own game show.
“I was sitting watching television and I was like, I think I can do that,” Williams said.
Students, local comedians and DJ Banks from Star 94.7 participated in the event.
Williams said people should go to Wild and Out because it’s a relaxing event.
“First off, it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be different from the other Wild and Outs. It’s a different atmosphere. I don’t think there’s ever been a stand up comedian here and it’s local,” he said.
It took about a month to organize the games, sponsors and performers, Williams said.
Zaire Hollerway, a criminal justice major and participant, said he decided to participate in Wild and Out because he enjoys participating in school activities.
“I like to be in anything that can help everyone on campus get along or come together for events. I like multi diverse type of things where anyone can come in and relax. Anything that can help us get away from the negativity that the media has on us right now I always want to be a part of and take place in. I saw this and thought why not,” Hollerway said.
Wild and Out was a way for students to take their minds off of school and stress.
“People should come [to events like this] to get away, have fun, be relaxed and to get a good laugh in. Everyone needs laughter,” Hollerway said.
Collin Sims, a nursing major and participant, took part in Wild and Out because Williams asked him to join.

“It seemed like a really fun thing to do around our campus,” Sims said.
Sims said Wild and Out is a way to relax and have fun.
“It’s a great time. There’s free food, great music and people performing and having a good time. Even if you’re up on the stage there’s no pressure on you. It’s a good atmosphere,” Sims said.
Alisa Temple, a telecommunications major in the audience, said she thought the show was entertaining.
“I thought it was funny. I give them a lot of props for going up in front of their peers and doing this. I couldn’t do it,” Temple said.
Laura Gaul, a special education major in the audience, said the show was cute.
“It was silly. It’s cool how the school does that. My friend was in it, and he told me to come. I’m happy I came because it was fun,” Gaul said.
Tierney Robinson, a social work major in the audience, said she loved the show.
“I loved it. I loved the performers. It was very funny and entertaining. I feel like they had a lot of momentum and brought a lot to the table,” Robinson said.
Wild and Out was three hours of comedy and games.