Welcome from your SGA president

It is hard to believe sometimes how fast summer passes, but now the new school year is upon us and new challenges await. Summer is for some a time to unwind and for others a time to work. This school year, your Student Government Association is committed to working for you and doing everything we can to help you! We have been busy this summer with countless meetings, emails and phone calls, and we all hope that you, the students, will help us grow the seeds that we have planted this summer. I hope everyone enjoys the SGA-sponsored Campus Treasure Hunt for Free Textbooks that will go from Wednesday to Thursday. I hope that you are going to ride down on the SGA-sponsored bus to the first YSU football game of the year at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on Sept. 1 to cheer on the YSU football team.

       An important job for SGA is to listen to the questions and concerns of you, the students. We are here to help! I hope to see many of you stopping in our office on the second floor of Kilcawley Center (just follow our new signs). No question or problem is too big or small for us to handle. You can ask us about how progress toward instituting a first-year experience program is going, or how to schedule classes. We work for you and want to do as much for the students as we can.

As challenges appear, remember to always be optimistic. Persevere and overcome the obstacle that may be in your way, because fear and doubt are your worst enemies. Do not be afraid to try something new this year, join a student organization or talk to a professor. Make this year filled with success for yourselves and for YSU.

Sincerely, Cory Okular President, YSU Student Government Association