Valentine’s Day Alternative

By Gino Diguilio


Alright guys, Valentine’s Day. We all have our predetermined thoughts, apprehension and maybe even genuine distaste for the day that shall not be named. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day.


I am not completely sure as to where the hatred for it stems, nor do I recall when it originated. All I know is that there shouldn’t be a specific day in the year that I should feel forced to show affection to loved ones — especially when any other day throughout the year is perfectly available as well! Literally 364 days I can choose from to show affection and love toward others, or even myself for that matter, and I am persecuted if I don’t partake for this one day. It is asinine to me.


This year, I am deciding not to partake in the holiday; not necessarily in protest, or even in disapproval of those who genuinely enjoy the love soaked 24 hours. In lieu of Valentine’s Day, I am going to be celebrating other holidays. Some that deserve some much needed attention and some that are made up completely out of necessity.


So here it is. For all you Valentine’s Day haters and recluses, a compiled list of way cooler holidays to celebrate. Holidays that will make your friends envious of all the fun and joy they bring to you.


Let’s start off with the most necessary — Bulgarian National Wine Day. Yes, it’s real, and we thank the Bulgarians for this beautiful day of drinking our sorrows away into a grape flavored haze. For you youngins’ out there, I’m sure you can find a way around this and legally celebrate as well. Get creative. And plus, it gives you a reason to feel extremely ethnic and cultural while getting a few snazzy pictures to go with your Instagram theme — still confused as to what that is and if I need one or not — to make your friends jealous during their romantic dates.


Next, there’s National Public Sleeping Day. That’s right, you read it correctly. Whoever created this and somehow made it become a national holiday, I salute you. You are truly a visionary. Even though it is technically celebrated on the 28th of February, who says you aren’t allowed to celebrate early out of pure excitement? Take a nap on campus, take a nap in your car. Hell, fall asleep in class! The sky’s the limit. If I were you, I would take full advantage of this day.


And last but not least, a personal favorite. Galentine’s Day — the very best day of the year. A day to kick it breakfast style with all of your best friends and disregard the fitted sheet of love attempting to be fit onto the bed of life. Fill up on an amazing breakfast platter, gallons of perfectly blended coffee and laughter. No significant others allowed, just friends, food and fun. What could be better than that? Nothing, that’s what.


So even though the world may be heading toward the Valentine’s Day black hole, you shouldn’t have to stress about it. There are plenty of things you can celebrate instead of Valentine’s Day (and they’re definitely cooler anyway). Pick your favorite or even create your own holiday! Do whatever you want, but stay strong and stand your ground to those pesky Valentine’s Day promoters!