The Jambar Editorial: ‘Thnks fr the mmrs’

While reaching the final days of college, emotions and memories are building up.

I started working for The Jambar in fall 2020. I remember being so nervous about doing interviews and writing stories that others would read. I couldn’t imagine doing this all the time, but now it feels natural.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun, as cliche as it sounds. I went from not knowing anyone and working from outside the office to staying in the office for hours on end and knowing everyone who walked in.

The Jambar has given me experience for my future career while giving me life-long memories. I interviewed people like the lieutenant governor of Ohio, Jim Tressel and more. I can talk to people more easily than I ever have before, all thanks to this job.

Now to a couple people that I want to shoutout: 

Shianna Gibbons, I know you will do great as the new editor-in-chief and trust that you can handle all that is thrown at you. You got this.

Christopher Gillett, or otherwise known as the last history major in The Jambar, I know you will do great next semester and I will miss the little facts, information and jokes you tell me during production night. 

Michael Sheehan: Let me just say, while we might not agree on my headlines sometimes, it has been fun working alongside you. You are an amazing editor, and I was always able to ask you any questions, even if some might have been dumb.

Elizabeth Coss, the best friend I could have ever asked for. From our vending machine runs to the after-production destressors, anything we did could turn into a fun adventure. While I can always come back to campus and stop in to say “hi,” I know it won’t be the same as being in the office and goofing around with you practically every day. You truly are the best person I’ve met. 

To the entire Jambar staff, thank you for making my time at The Jambar memorable, rewarding and fun. I will always cherish the time I had here. Much love, Sam.