The Tale of Hannah Hall

By Desmond Ford
Jambar Contributor

Hannah Hall has always been a born leader. She has been the women’s team president since the spring of 2018, but before that she was just trying to find a team to play for.

“I was really just searching for a good women’s sport on campus and I preferred it being a club over intramurals, and there weren’t too many options that peaked my interest until I saw there was rugby,” she said.

Hall, a junior advertising/public relations major, has played many sports in her lifetime, but never got to experience rugby. She has played for a year and a half now and enjoys every minute of it.

Kiya Miller, the treasurer of the team, praises Hall’s efforts for doing everything she can to make sure the team is in good hands.

“Hannah helps to push everyone to be their best on and off the field and everyone on the team looks up to her as a role model,” Miller said.

Hall as team president definitely wants the best for her teammates. She said that you really get to “bond” and mature with the players by being in an executive role.

But with all the work that comes with the position comes with challenges to face.

“One challenge would be trusting that I have knowledge and skill to make appropriate decisions and lead this team in the right path, on and off the field,” Hall said.

She has been the team’s president since the spring semester of 2018. With a short tenure as team president, she has made a huge contribution to make things right for her team.

Outside of the rugby field, Hannah works part-time at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore as well at the campus recreation rockwall.

Ja’Kenya Clancy is a founder member of the women’s rugby team, and she sees Hall as a born leader.

“When she first came to the team she showed her commitment by taking on tasks that most people wouldn’t even challenge themselves to do,” Clancy said.

She said Hall is “committed” to rugby.

“Just like me, she performs with other teams and plays at a higher level other than other than our club team,” Clancy said.

Hall has always treated this team as a family and will do anything possibly to make her team be great at what they do.

“I would not trade the experience for anything else,” Hall said..

She had many inspirations and two people stood out for her is her former coach Jeff Horton, and her former assistant now current coach Rebecca Trapp.

“They know so much about the sport and really understand the potential that the team has as well as my own personal potential to lead and play rugby,” Hall said.

Being team president, she has grown into the leader that every team loves to have. It’s only a matter of time until everyone gets to see who Hannah Hall is in the world.