The Jambar Question: Students Answer YSU History Questions

By Kyle Wills

Youngstown State University has developed a rich history since it was founded in 1908, when it was only known as Youngstown College. With each semester and year, more history is created at YSU.

Since Youngstown State’s founding over 120 years ago, its history includes memories like the football team winning the I-AA Championship Game in 1997 with Jim Tressel as head coach. In 2016, they made it to the FCS National Championship. 

The Jambar was introduced in 1931, which has created many opportunities for the 90 years it has been around.

Recently, several current YSU students were asked five multiple-choice questions on the history of Youngstown State. Those students were sophomore civil engineering major Pat Lorelli, junior finance major Dean DeSanto and senior accounting major Dylan Todd. 

Q: What record did the 2019 YSU football team finish with? A. 4-8, B. 6-6, C. 8-4, D. 5-7

LORELLI: B., 6-6.

DESANTO: B., 6-6.

TODD: 5-7?

The correct answer is B., 6-6.

Q: What year did Youngstown State get nicknamed “the Penguins”? A. 1933, B. 1939, C. 1944, D. 1951

LORELLI: I’m going to have to go with A., 1933.

DESANTO: I’m going to go with B., 1939.

TODD: I’m going C.

The correct answer is A, 1933.

Q: What year did Pete the Penguin make his first appearance as YSU’s mascot? A. 1930, B. 1939, C. 1944, D. 1951

LORELLI: C, 1944.

DESANTO: I’m going to go with 1939 again.

TODD: Is it B., ‘39?

The correct answer is B., 1939. 

Q: What year did Jim Tressel become president of Youngstown State? A. 2008, B. 2012, C. 2014, D. 2017.

LORELLI: I’m going to have to go with C., 2014.

DESANTO: It’s one of the last two, I think. I’m going to go [with] 2014.

TODD: ‘14, C.

The correct answer is C., 2014.

Q: What conference do the majority of YSU sports play in?” A. Missouri Valley, B. Ohio Valley, C. Pac-12, D. Horizon.

LORELLI: D., the Horizon

DESANTO: I think that’s the Horizon.

TODD: The Horizon.

The correct answer was D., Horizon.