The Jambar Column: The challenge of connecting

By Mac Pomeroy

As if making friends wasn’t hard enough when you’re dealing with classes and other life events, for many of us, the past year really destroyed our social lives. Rather than being able to see our friends on a normal, in-person schedule, we have had to rely on technology to communicate with other people.

Understandably, quite a few people, including myself, feel as though we lost touch with those close to us. Perhaps you weren’t the greatest at texting or availability didn’t line up. Or maybe you didn’t lose any friends, but instead just want to make new ones.

When it comes to socializing in college, a common suggestion is to explore the different clubs and activities offered here at Youngstown State University.

The first thing that comes to mind when considering clubs that are available at the university may be our sports teams. From football, to rugby, to track, there is a wide variety of teams to consider.

Though, if you’re like me and do not know anything about sports, there are a lot of non-athletic options. Do you want to expand your foreign language skills outside of class? Then join a foreign language club. Do you enjoy spending your time playing games? There are even clubs for that.

If you want something more involved, consider checking out Greek Life fraternities and sororities during recruitment season. Or, if you happen to be a particularly good student, consider applying for the Honors College. 

College is hard enough, but whether it be that you are a freshman or you’ve been here for a while and just want to gain more friends, socializing and connecting can be quite challenging. If you find yourself feeling alone on campus, just know that you are not alone. Many other students feel the same way, and sometimes all it takes to spark a new friendship is a simple “hello.”