The Jambar Editorial: The Editor: Season Finale

Goodbyes are not the easiest things to do. There are many times when we have to say our farewells, even when we’re not wanting to say them at all.

The biggest question I’ve been asking myself this semester is, “how do you say goodbye to something you care about so much?” As the days dwindle away, I’m still wondering that same question, but the people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet are the reason why it’s hard to walk away.

Before I became a sports broadcasting major, I was majoring in exercise science. While in the program, I didn’t feel like I had a reason for being in any class — like I didn’t belong. I never had a group of people within the major I considered friends.

However, when I switched to telecommunications, on the first day of my first class, I got to meet Katie Rogers-Vadala who has been my closest friend for the last three years. Without her continuously pulling me along academically, I wouldn’t be able to walk or get my diploma.

Over the last three years, I’ve become friends with many people since joining The Jambar. Some have graduated and moved on in their careers, while some will stay after I’m gone.

I’ve been able to create bonds with numerous people that have walked through the door. The friendships I’ve been able to make, I hope remain unchanged.

Part of me feels like it’s being left behind because I’ve loved being able to see and talk to The Jambar staff everyday, sharing our lives and growing close. As the semester clock ticks down, graduating feels like reading the last chapter of a book you wish you could read forever or watching the series finale of your favorite show.

While it was always upsetting to see members graduate, I always knew I’d be coming back. I knew I’d be coming back to production nights, trips to The Den, rants, jokes, laughs and — most importantly — the friendships that have been priceless. 

Nearly every student is filled with excitement knowing all their hard work has paid off after earning their degree, but I am more saddened by everything I will have to leave behind.

The Jambar became the group of friends that supported me and stood by me when I was prepared to battle alone. They were my structure when everything felt like it was collapsing. They were my shoulder to cry on. Everything I needed or wanted, they were there with it. They gave me the feeling of hope, the feeling of love and the feeling of importance that I hope I can feel forever. 

As I finish my time at The Jambar, I want to say thank you to all multimedia journalists for all the hard work you’ve given me. To all editors for sharing numerous laughs and Wednesday Chick-Fil-A trips, to former and current copy editor Laurel Stone and Michael Sheehan for spending extra time with me on sports AP style, to my JambarTV crew for making my imagination become reality and to the editor-in-chief, Elizabeth Coss, for being the best partner I could have to enhance an organization as great as this one with.

All good things must come to an end as my story countdown hits zero. I hope that in my time at The Jambar, I was able to leave half the impact it made on me.

Kyle Wills

Managing Editor/Executive Producer