Take Me To Church, Ye

By Brent Bigelow

In the legendary words of Dan Aykroyd of the Blues Brother, “We’re on a mission from God.” Kanye West has turned his classic hard-hitting hip-hop songs into gospel style worship bangers.

Using classic gospel style samples, a massive church choir, a lot of tribal drums and a few keyboards, one of which is manned by “Ye” himself, Kanye West is making a lot of noise (literally and figuratively).

The so-called “Sunday Services” hasn’t been directly released or promoted, but they live in small clips on YouTube and the internet. To be honest, you probably know as much as I do.

The Sunday Services have been taking place since January 2019 and only seem to be getting bigger and better. Each service features an elaborate band setup, gospel remixes of classic Kanye songs, new tracks that are speculated to be on the “YANDHI” album and some classic worship tracks with a “Ye” twist.

West’s services promote self-love and bringing happiness and joy to the world.

There have been many celebrity sightings at the secretive outdoor venue in Calabasas, California, which is no surprise. Your obvious Kanye West collaborators like Kid Cudi, the Kardashian gang, Tyler, The Creator and DMX (who has been doing the opening prayers) have been standard “churchgoers.” And then your less obvious picks, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, David Letterman and Courtney Love, have attended.

Many hope these services turn into Kanye’s next album. I honestly doubt it, but it has me hoping and praying. ?